Crowd Powered Product Testing Program

A quick search will yield many results proving sellers are frantically doing their best to find ways to boost their sales on Amazon with the use of reviews or customer feedback. Often, they resort to non-ethical or black-hat methods resulting in bans and serious complications to operations.

So while merchants across the US are gaming Amazons review system by ordering their own products and shipping them to unwitting strangers addresses in their ever lasting quest to write their own fake reviews, Wiser Operations [WiserOps, Inc.] has built the only platform available utilizing vetted product testers across the united states who are simply waiting to test out the newest products and then follow up with their reviews online.

In the ever more competitive landscape of eCommerce, with all the saturation in the market, gaining a decided advantage over competition can be a difficult endeavor. Also, the way the current review and rating system is set up is not optimal for drawing in people who love to test and then review the latest goods. Most of the time, they’ll simply order, pay and never write a review.

But where does that leave merchants who have an excellent product to promote or sell?

Our solution is completely white-hat and compliant. Make contact now with any questions.

DO NOT make the mistake of dealing with an unscrupulous outfit for the attainment of product feeedback as not only is that misleading to the consumer (which in itself should steer you away), but it’s a great way to get your account shut down / banned by Amazon forever – and that can turn into a financial and operational nightmare for the average seller or product manufacturer.

Our Compliant Verified Amazon Product Feedback/Review Program is being utilized by the biggest brand names Such as Sanyo, Magnavox and many lesser known manufacturers.


As industry veterans WiserOps, Inc., is a widely respected and top tier management consultancy and this solution was developed after receiving many requests from clients for an impenetrable and white-hat solution for the garnering of verified product feedback on Amazon.

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