Crowd Sourced Product Feedback Program

Reviews lead to more sales.

It’s no secret that sellers are frantically searching for ways to boost their sales on marketplaces like Amazon with the use of customer feedback reviews. Far too often, many sellers even resort to unethical methods resulting, in bans and serious complications to their operations. So, while some unscrupulous merchants are gaming Amazon’s review system by ordering their own products, shipping them to strangers’ addresses, and then writing their own fake reviews,™ (A Wiser Operations/WiserOps Inc. Company) has a better way.

ProductExam™ offers the only platform available utilizing a large network of thoroughly vetted product testers across the United States, eager to test out your products and then supply you with well-written off and online reviews.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of eCommerce, gaining a marketable advantage over the competition can be difficult. The simple fact is that the current rating and review system isn’t set up in a way that encourages people to test and write about the latest goods. Most of the time, people simply order, pay, and never leave a review.

So where does that leave merchants who have an excellent product to promote or sell?

Our solution is in line with internet ethics and compliant with Marketplace Terms of Service.

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DO NOT make the mistake of dealing with any of the countless unscrupulous companies or individuals churning out meaningless and generic product feedback. Not only is that misleading to the consumer (which in itself should steer you away), but it’s a great way to get your account shut down and banned by Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart or other marketplaces forever. That’s a financial and operational nightmare for the average seller or product manufacturer.

Our Compliant Verified Product Feedback/Review Program is utilized by the big brand names such as Sanyo Electronics Group and countless successful brands & lesser-known manufacturers with great products to sell.


As an industry veteran, WiserOps, Inc. is a widely respected and top-tier management consultancy group. This solution developed from receiving numerous client requests for a surefire ethical solution to garner verified product feedback on shopping marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping,etc.
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