Wiser Ops, INC Creates First Real-Time Google Shopping Repricer.

GoogleRepricer.com (A WiserOps, INC. Product) is the newest tool in what has developed to be the most finely tuned suite of e-commerce solutions available on the planet.

It immediately fetches the bottom line lowest price, seller who is advertising lowest price and reports it in the “history” section of the site.

It’s been a long time coming. This is an Automated Selenium Test process which hops over steps or website visits and clicks here and clicks there, just in order to get the bottom-line lowest price for a products keyword.

Now all you need to do is drop either one or one thousand pruduct SKU’s and the Pricer at GoogleRepricer.com immediately runs out, performs all those actions rather quickly (fastest allowable w/out being blocked by Google) and then reports to you the lowest price with the seller selling at that price.

Customization for any back-end system is available.

Customization for any particular workflow is also available.

At WiserOps, we’ve been developing awesome tools for industry since our inception.

Check us out and our other solutions and web properties at http://www.WiserOps.com

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