Competitor Insight Powered Smart Marketing Automation

Our flagship product, the Smart Marketing Automation Program is a ​continuously updated pool of highly targeted customers who’ve purchased from your direct competitors – for use with our proprietary machine learning smart marketing automation program.

First in class, this yields ACTUAL paying customers by utilizing HIGHLY targeted email and social media lists derived from people who’ve made purchases at your competitors and then shared bits of data regarding these purchases.

Our system l​earns your followers habits and targets them on appropriate media channels at the right times so that they convert.

Unlike Facebook Ads or Google PPC we use in-depth transactional and online data points to find out who buys what, where they buy it, and when. And then, all of this info is used to target your potential customers.

Forget aimless website visits or Likes and the normal marketing fluff – GET RESULTS = Paying Customers!

Retail? Advertise to customers of your largest competitors.

Restaurants? Target competing restaurant customers.

Product/Brand Manufacturer? Target people who love similar brands or items.

Internet Service Provider? Target people shopping for your stuff.


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Pricing: No Contracts Pay as You Go.

100 Directly Targeted Communication Messages Perday For 30 days $450/mth

200 Directly Targeted Communication Messages Per day For 30 days $750/mth
We are launching our 2018 Q1 beta version shortly. Please contact us with any questions or to sign up for our pre-release version (full capabilities).




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