7 Deadly But Unspoken Sins of anti-social Media Marketing



It’s pretty cheap to buy followers but what good does it do you in the end? Will people trust and believe in your company more because you have a gazillion followers, or will they trust and believe because you actually have a product or service that has value to them? eeNuf said.



Not a good idea. First off, you probably shouldn’t be on ALL social networks because however highly you may think of yourself you can’t possibly be ALL things to ALL people ALL the time. Different demographics/characters/targets spend time on different networks. Whatever channel you decide to tune your message into, it should be the only (or main) channel where your buyers hang out. They can’t hang out EVERYWHERE. Research your best customers, take surveys, find out what their behaviors are on social media then focus your efforts on those channels. If it’s one – then focus on just one. Or, start with the top one to get your feet wet and incrementally add channels. You’ll find that your target customers are not spending time on every single channel so neither should you.



Spam-noun: irrelevant or inappropriate message sent to large numbers of recipients

Spam-verb: send the same message indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients

However you look at it – Noun or Verb – it’s not going to produce good results. It’s LAZY marketing pushing the exact same message out to the mass population. This message needs to be the right message, to the right target, at the right time for it to resonate and reflect positively on your brand. Don’t be a lazy marketer. The internet’s chock full of them and it’s not a group you want to be a member of. We, the intelligent/informed consumer, do not appreciate mass produced messages. We think of ourselves as unique, progressive, special and unique and expect to be treated at par with this.



I don’t know about you but I’ll retweet what I consider important, relevant and retweetable. In fact if you ask me to retweet I probably wont because of your lack of knowledge about cosmic internet standard practice. I mean, if I find it important and more so, if it speaks to my emotions, I will share the heck out of it. But not if you insult my intelligence.  And, while we’re at it don’t ask me to “Like” you. I’ll like you if you’re worthy of a like, not because you ask.



This doesn’t sound well to an intelligent person when coming from the entity spoken of. Not all of us are going to stampede to buy what you’re selling just because YOU SAY it’s awesome. Few will, most won’t. The ones that won’t might just be turned off by how awesome you think yourself to be. Showing a little humility is a good thing.



If your brand has to resort to emulate/stealing or extreme enticement tactics you probably don’t have a product or service worth buying. If you did it’d stand out distinctively on its own and not need BS smoke and mirrors to get attention from people. Don’t take shortcuts because you’re impatient with slow results to your social media efforts. Patience is an excellent self serving virtue.



If we didn’t hear you, and you did not hear from us the first time its likely because we CHOSE to not listen. Shouting louder is only going to turn us off a lot more. The best way to get our attention is by listening to us first. Don’t just direct dialogue towards your customers – LISTEN to what they’re saying. Have a two way meeting of the minds. That’s what social media is all about. Learn about our problems and challenges so as to provide solutions with what you’re creating or selling. I’ll invest in something that helps me solve challenges I face. Identify the value that customers need and expect from your product – and then deliver on it.


Unless you’re a hotshot celebrity you won’t see social media success before the sun sets twice. Fans, followers, likes and retweets happen in time, provided your social media strategy is all about providing value in some shape or form.
-Gil Rozenblatt, Director, WiserOps, INC.

Mastering Corporate Change – Keeping At Prime

One thing that I think is overlooked among many sharp business people today is that it requires an injection of certain vitamins into a stagnant or slow to grow corporation in order for it to thrive in the ever changing business environment today.

And so I introduce the PAEI Methodology by Ichaak Adizes. First of all, one thing about this man. When he was studying business @ Columbia, he came up with this methodology as his thesis. His professor said it was crap and that it would not work in the real world. Through the years, The Adizes Methodolgy has been implemented by many a Fortune 500 and even now, the governments of Brazil, Israel and many other countries. If I’m not mistaken management classes @ Harvard Business School are now taught from out of his books on Corporate Lifecycles and Managing Change.
A close family friend, I once went out to his certification course and was honored to stay at his house in Santa Barbara.
So the jist of it is this:
Every corporation, in order to stay healthy needs these 4 things (among others but most importantly)


There always needs to be someone who is continuously producing for whatever strategy is put into place, to prove positive through fruition.


There needs to be a person (preferably a very sharp lawyer) who handles all of the administrative paper work, compliance issues, HR and so on.


Somebody with vision who thinks outside the box. This person would likely be the founder or one of the Co-founders. Continuously seeing opportunity everywhere. Innovating things that weren’t before fathomed to be innovatable(?).


This is super important because between some people sometimes there is friction. So the integrator is the one who puts the right ones in the right place to do the right jobs.
Many countries/corporations have come to realize the importance of this and are profiting from it. Now, so can you.
-Gil Rozenblatt, Director, WiserOps, INC.

How Yelp Schemes And Utilizes An “Advanced Thug Shakedown” mentality.

As a writer, words move me. I’m often known to say “I take sentences said to the surgery room”. What I mean by that is I am (at least I try to be) surgical with words I let out and the movements and mannerisms I exert which compliment them and help to drive or deliver my message or point across to people.
I wrote about Yelp a while back and how they are useful for us web savvy individuals looking to gain knowledge/intelligence pertaining to establishments we are considering patronizing. That was a few years ago.
Since then, apparently, what evidence has made clear is the use of deceitful tactics by Yelp in-order to trick the average web surfer dude. Extremely defamatory, slanderous and libelous content (a good percentage of which is simply idiots venting because of other underlying problems/issues/events in their lives) allowing, even deliberately channeling the hate-filled release of what equals the wrath of the devils sensei onto any average mom and pop establishment somewhere.
Proof they’re devious? Sure. Think about an establishment you’d like to review. Break the norm and share a positive experience, keeping in mind, you are feeding healthy green growth vitamins to the company you are reviewing.
Perhaps a neighborhood deli, a random restaurant, wtvr. Now, write your review and submit it.

After submission you’d probably want to go back to the businesses page and take a look at your review. Well, this is where it get’s deceitful on Yelp’s part.
When you go to the page right after reviewing it, you will see, prominently, right on the top of the list, the review which you just posted.

Great, right?
WRONG!!! It’s a lie.
Open an incognito or private browsing window and go back to the Yelp page where you just left a review.

And, it’s gone!

This here is just a brief and simple example of the deceitful tactics used by Yelp to manipulate the masses into thinking their reviews matter when they leave them on the pages of these businesses.

Touché, Yelp
Well, do they matter? It depends.
Does the business have enough reviews to dissipate the effect of one?
Does the business pay Yelp as a merchant member?
If the answer to these two is Yes, then your review means jack.
Join WiserOps on our quest to find a solution which motivates consumers who don’t feel like they need to write a review, because a positive experience is expected and is the norm, no further action is seen as necessary by regular customers. However, the natural vengeful instinct that is intrinsic in human nature, motivates those which might have been slightly peeved because of a broken nail while assembling their new furniture.
~ Gil Rozenblatt, Managing Director, WiserOperations (A WiserOps, INC. Company)

Wiser Ops, INC Creates First Real-Time Google Shopping Repricer.

GoogleRepricer.com (A WiserOps, INC. Product) is the newest tool in what has developed to be the most finely tuned suite of e-commerce solutions available on the planet.

It immediately fetches the bottom line lowest price, seller who is advertising lowest price and reports it in the “history” section of the site.

It’s been a long time coming. This is an Automated Selenium Test process which hops over steps or website visits and clicks here and clicks there, just in order to get the bottom-line lowest price for a products keyword.

Now all you need to do is drop either one or one thousand pruduct SKU’s and the Pricer at GoogleRepricer.com immediately runs out, performs all those actions rather quickly (fastest allowable w/out being blocked by Google) and then reports to you the lowest price with the seller selling at that price.

Customization for any back-end system is available.

Customization for any particular workflow is also available.

At WiserOps, we’ve been developing awesome tools for industry since our inception.

Check us out and our other solutions and web properties at http://www.WiserOps.com

Philanthropic Initiatives

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