7 Deadly But Unspoken Sins of anti-social Media Marketing

1. LUST LET’S PAY FOR UNLOYAL FOLLOWERS TO LIKE OUR BRAND. It’s pretty cheap to buy followers but what good does it do you in the end? Will people trust and believe in your company more because you have a gazillion followers, or will they trust and believe because you actually have a product or service that… Continue Reading

Philanthropic Initiatives

Brooklyn Horse Rescue N.Y. State Registered 501(c)3 – Thus far, (early on) we’ve rescued 2 lovely horses in 2017.  The first rescues were sibling horses, Brown & Red, who (temporarily) reside at JBRA Riding Academy at the Gateway National Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Volunteers assist in the care & nurturing of the rescues while they enjoy their… Continue Reading